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** Warning: (vsim-3473) Component instance "dut : counter" is not bound?

So I am following the steps to create a path to library in vhdl with modelsim, my questions are ;

1-why at page 49 of modelsim Tutorial I have written the path to where the counter.vhd is found is still not seen by modelsim:


vsim work.test_counter
# End time: 10:47:08 on Apr 16,2021, Elapsed time: 0:02:12
# Errors: 0, Warnings: 1
# vsim work.test_counter 
# Start time: 10:47:08 on Apr 16,2021
# Loading std.standard
# Loading work.test_counter(only)
# ** Warning: (vsim-3473) Component instance "dut : counter" is not bound.
#    Time: 0 ps  Iteration: 0  Instance: /test_counter File: C:/Users/Desktop/FPGA/Tasks/testbench/tcounter.vhd
# GetModuleFileName: The specified module could not be found.


and this my path in the modelsim.ini file:


std = $MODEL_TECH/../std
ieee = $MODEL_TECH/../ieee
verilog = $MODEL_TECH/../verilog
vital2000 = $MODEL_TECH/../vital2000
std_developerskit = $MODEL_TECH/../std_developerskit
synopsys = $MODEL_TECH/../synopsys
modelsim_lib = $MODEL_TECH/../modelsim_lib
sv_std = $MODEL_TECH/../sv_std

; Altera Primitive libraries
; VHDL Section
part_lib = C:/Users/Desktop/FPGA/Tasks/resource_library/part_lib



2-is it the same procedure for modelSIm to find component modules that I need to reuse in my top_level design? or there is another procedure to make


2021-04-16 10_54_59-ModelSim® Tutorial - Foxit Reader.png

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Sorry for the late reply. You may checkout the User Guide below on how to simulate your design. 

Quartus Standard:

Quartus Pro:

Let me know if it helps. 


Best Regards,
Richard Tan

p/s: If any answer from the community or Intel support are helpful, please feel free to give Kudos.