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compile the ADC source C file into ELF


I am experimenting the ADC module of the DE1-SoC. I have downloaded the DE1-SoC_v.5.1.3_HWrevF.revG_SystemCD and I can successfully run the DE1_SoC_ADC/demo_batch under the Demonstration folder from win10.


As I understand this demo_batch is opening a cygwin that loads a .sh file that pushes an executable file (DE1_SoC_ADC.elf) into the board. The executable runs on the HPS and thanks to the upload of the DE1_SoCADC.sof file.


I would like to recompile the ELF file, how can I do it on windows?


I tried copying the entire folder into Linux and trying to execute make I get this error: nios2-elf-gcc command not found.


Is there a procedure to correctly compile the C into ELF using Windows? I would prefer Windows as I have Quartus on the win machine..



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Hello Stefano, Can you check soc eds installed in the windows ? Can I assume you are using the cyclone V ? if yes here is the link for to start with Note : Arria 10 or Startix 10 soc related file generation shall be used only via linux OS. Thank you , Regards, Sree
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