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how do i renew an expired license


One of the several computers I manage has a licensing problem.  There are four associated license files to this specific MAC address.  3 out of 4 license files are good at the moment, however the ModelSim license maintenance and expiration date have passed.


These license files apply to a instructor's laptop in my department at a College.  How do I renew the expired license for this computer?


We do not have a support contract through Intel, but our licensing goes back 20+ years to when we became part of the University program through the Altera Company.   When Intel FPGA absorbed Altera, our licensing went with it.

In the past year or so, I had applied to Intel FPGA for a renewal concurrent network license to handle lab computers.  However, our instructors still wish to work offsite and have a license tied directly to their computer, even more since the COVID pandemic began 2 years ago.


The 'license assistant web applet did not really answer my questions, and Intel Support directed me to this forum.  I very much hope someone reads this and can steer me to a timely solution.


Thank you for your time,



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Dear Sean,


Thank you for using Intel FPGA Community Forum.


We are happy to welcome you back to our FPGA support!

You may get our University Program support through this mailbox .


Stay safe and take care, Sean!






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