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A forum problem: "Your submission contains invalid characters and will not be accepted" message

A couple of times recently while trying to create a new forum topic, I have encountered the "Your submission contains invalid characters and will not be accepted" message with no information on the invalid characters or any indication even of which sentence or the paragraph or the section might have the problem:


Is it possible for the contributors to receive some guidance from the system when they run into such issues in the future?

Like all self-righteous users out there, I don't believe I was doing anything wrong of course! :-)  I was simply trying to enter some normal text and Fortran code using the forum fields and the {..}(sub code) link.  It was painful each time to continue to reattempt the topic creation by copying and pasting text and code in separate chunks and simply hope to overcome the problem.

In one case (, I think the problem was some hidden character in the error message from the Microsoft linker.  But I was pasting the command prompt text into the {..}(sub code) window with a Plain Text selection, so I don't understand why this link itself couldn't parse out any offending characters.

In the other case, I couldn't narrow it down and barely managed to submit the issue following multiple attempts by trial and error.

I will appreciate any and all improvements Intel can make to the forum in order to enhance the reader experience.




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Sent on to the forum maintainers. Thanks.

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