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I am writing this mail to ask you about  Intel Fortran Compiler 13.1.

I would like to get Intel Fortran Compiler 13.1 from download site.

However, It does not exist on the download site.

Is it possible to provide Intel Fortran Compiler 13.1 ?



Takaaki Takei

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Unless you have a thoroughly researched and demonstrable need for an older compiler, you will not be provided access to it. Versions of Parallel Studio older than 2017 are no longer available for download at the Intel Registration Center.

You will also be far better off by using the current (and free for use) compiler. Download and install the HPC Toolkit and those parts of the Base Toolkit that you wish to use (The "GDB" component from the Base Toolkit is needed to support symbolic debugging of Fortran and other programs  in Visual Studio).

If you have a currently valid license for the 2013 compiler, you can request access to a download by making a request at the Intel OSC. *


* Correction: This is no longer true, please see posts by Intel personnel below.

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Aside from about 30 minutes of reading on how to install the latest - it is always better to use a later one that has picked up bugs. 


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read THIS THREAD which is similar.

You probably do not want 13.1 unless you have a PC with a 9 year old OS and 9 year old Visual Studio, VS2008 or so and Windows 7 or Vista.  13.1 will not run on Windows 10.  It will not run with Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.

It will not run on Redhat 8 or 7

If you have a Premier Support account you can request 13.1.  Be aware that you need a 9 year old OS otherwise it won't work.  AND if you enter a bug or have trouble installing it you are done - you will get no support from Intel.  And no one here can help you either since no one will have an old PC to even begin to investigate it.

In other words: you REALLY do not want 13.1. You want a more recent compiler.


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And it is Free which is good, well aside from the need for an internet connection to download it, say 120 per month , a computer, say 1200 - printer - 200, and a serious education that probably set you back about 100000 - so your outlay to have the ability to use a free compiler say 120000 over your lifetime. 

Aside from that it is a free Fortran compiler. Some will debate if it is better than gfortan or some other flavour. Some will try and pair it with ABAQUS  - it is much easier to use Strand7 to do the same thing and the linking is trivial. Some will try and sell you LISP, which is  a much better language for learning to program well and is a lot of fun.  Backus just gave us math.  I mean only nerds like math and most nerds do not do things like chew gum and stick it under the desks, and they can walk in straight lines whilst reading a book about Fortran and the teacher always tells the parent nice child, perhaps needs more sun. 

And the mother says to the father, I worry about him, and the father says - he got a free ride to MIT so we can afford a new car so leave the boy alone.  And looks at the mother and says did you send Derek, {brother} the bail money.  The mother moans that he does not have a girlfriend, do not worry some nice teacher will snap them up and replace you -- and control their life nicely -- and he will stop nicking my beer from the garage on Saturday nights for his friends, although what 6 kids do with 2 cans of light is beyond me. 

And they are good at statistics so mother relax. 


mecej4 wrote: "If you have a currently valid license for the 2013 compiler, you can request access to a download by making a request at the Intel OSC."

This is no longer the case. If you need help with obtaining a version of the Fortran compiler, or with any other "Getting Started" issue, please ask your question in the Registration, Download, Licensing and Installation forum.

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Correction/update noted, thanks!

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