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Anybody else seeing this?

When I click on the topic I created here last week, I get one of these spoof pages.

I am NOT making this up.

Click this:

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I see these all the time - you get them when the Intel Developer Zone server has a problem - which is often. They're more interesting than the standard "500 Internal Server Error" messages, but the frequency with which I see them is troubling.

You'll also get these (or similar) if you click on a post being held for moderation, which is probably what happened in your case.

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I have only just been able to return to the forum - for about 3 days and this morning I have watched the happy alien face and the flying super people.

NASA has a  technical readiness level system, so I was interested enough to send a comment to a friend in Iowa where we are trying to keep Intel stuff going 24/7/365 - that even Intel has problems.  The friend sent me a note and said I needed to put Alexa on the site with the AMAZON plugs. 

PS the Intel NUC disappeared from our monitors in Iowa at the time the gremlins started. It was probably the -12 F. 

Good to be back. 

As I heard a Dr say a few days ago - his idea of a good day is everyone he meets ends the day alive.  Maybe REAL(4) is not that important.

Back to Fortran all day.


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