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  Recently I do some work using Fortran call C, but it failed. I want to ask you a question, for example: "real(c_double)",it means "real" in Fortran, "double" in C. And I want use Fortran to call C API, "void C_SOCP( double c[], MSKboundkeye bkc[] )". Therefore "c" can be recognized using "real(c_double)" in Fortran, but I don't know deal with " MSKboundkeye bkc[] ". Here," MSKboundkeye bkc[] " was typedef in C, it was shown as follows:

      typedef enum MSKboundkey_enum        MSKboundkeye;

      MSKrescodee (MSKAPI MSK_putconbound) (

     MSKtask_t task,

     MSKint32t i,

     MSKboundkeye bk,

     MSKrealt bl,

     MSKrealt bu); 


  Do you know how to solve the problem?

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