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Bizzar forum behavior - hint of lead to solution

Black Belt

On some forum threads, when using Mozilla Firefox, when (attempting to) view the thread, the screen is, ~once per second, re-positioned to the bottom of the thread (Company Information...) and makes it impossible to anything but the last post in the thread (assuming it is not a long post).

I performed the following experiment that my lead to a solution to this problem.

When Firefox exhibits this problem on a particular thread, I can open up an additional window using MS Edge, go to the forum thread, log in to my user account....

And then the hiccup stops on the Firefox window.

This is a show-stopper problem seeing that threads (at times) cannot be read nor replied to.

Jim Dempsey

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Black Belt

I have observed that what I see and the looks of what I see often depends on whether or not I am logged in. I normally use Opera as my browser, but sometimes I use Chrome. On both, if I am not logged in, I can see a new "latest post.." entry in the forum contents list, but when I click on the thread link, I can only see the older posts, not the "latest post" which is my reason for opening the thread link.

Another issue is that there is no link in the forum posts list to take one to the "latest post". If logged in and my preferences/settings are for linear order, I may have to search in many pages before finding that latest post -- there is no way to know which sub page it is on ('1', '2', '3', etc.). In the worst case, one has to look through all of, say, 5 pages just to find that latest post.

In the topic lists for Intel Fortran (i.e., this forum) you can see

by lusifan on ‎09-17-2021 07:33 AM Latest post on ‎09-16-2021 01:29 PM by mecej4
When I open that thread, however, the date/time of "lusifan"'s post is shown as 09-16-2021 09:40 AM
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