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Blue circle of Death ! !

I am still getting this problem -
Wondering if we can ask the debugger guys what going on ?
Apparently the debugger is running some BACKGROUND stuff that has nothing to do with my source code when i am trying to make mods to it.
and it is tying up my files - It takes several minutes to stop doing doing it.
There is absolutely no reason for that. It ought to quit whatever it is trying to do and leave my stuff alone.
When I say "stop debugging," it crashes.
Unfortunately, it kills any possibility of referencing my source code and project (until I kill Visual Studio and start over.)
I killed the Firewall before working on the software code, so I know that McAfee or Avast has no bearing on this this issue.
Is Microsoft disavowing any responsibility for this ? I have the newest 64-bit CPU and Windows 10, so my background should not be blamed.
And this is an issue that will come up repeatedly with others.
This is a fundamental design flaw in their software that ought to be fixed ASAP.
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Valued Contributor III

Are you editing the source whilst the debugger is running? 

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