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Building VFPROJ in command shell


I just moved my mixed language (VC++ and Intel FORTRAN) Finite Element application project to VS 2015/Intel Composer XE 2017.

I have a couple of build scripts to build the projects using COMMAND shell in which I am using DevEnv.exe to build the FORTRAN libraries. DevEnv.exe has stopped recognizing configuration “Release|Win32”. 


To clarify I have initialized the command shell with the following command.


"C:\DevTools\Intel\compilers_and_libraries_2017.5.267\windows\Bin\IFortVars.bat" -arch ia32 vs2015


And trying to build a FORTRAN project using the command. Note there is no sln file in the folder containing the reference to the vfproj file. 


devenv /Build "Release|Win32" ..\OSOEM\LoadGen\LoadGen_lib.vfproj


The above command now produces error message “The operation could not be completed. The parameter is incorrect.” However, if I replace “Release|Win32” with “Release|x86”, the project builds fine. This used to work with VS 2013 and Intel Composer XE 2015 without any issue.


Can someone explain what is the reason for this behavior? The VFPROJ file is attached.



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Previously reported at

I would suggest reporting this to Intel using the Online Service Center. I see that an Intel rep started working on the earlier thread, but I know he is no longer at Intel so I don't know if a formal record of the issue was ever entered.