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C project corrupted after editing resource fIles converted from XE 2016 to XE2018 Beta (Windows OS)

A solution with several C and Fortran projects has been converted from XE2016 with VS2010 to  XE2018 Beta with VS 2017. All the Fortran resource files (with just version info in the RC files) were converted without error. But the version info. was not found in the output binary (EXE file). When the RC files were edited, an error message was shown (a symbol with this name already exists). After viewing or editing the resource file(s), some C files were not shown correctly under the C project and some C files got removed from the project. The workaround is to delete the RC fil(s) and recreate new RC files.

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Thank you for your report!

Thank you for your report! This issue is better to be reported via our Online Service Center at 

Instructions on how to file a ticket are available here: 



Xiaoping Duan

Intel Customer Support

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