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Can't link to SQLConfigDataSource

Hi All,

I'm using the following statement:

bret = SQLConfigDataSource(NULL,ODBC_CONFIG_SYS_DSN,"Oracle APXDEV driver"//char(0),"DSN=APXDEV"//char(0)//char(0))

and I know that SQLConfigDataSource is listed in odbccp32.lib, and I have that in my list of Additional Dependencies under Linker input for the project. But despite all attempts with many different settings, etc, I cannot get past:

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _SQLCONFIGDATASOURCE

What am I missing?


Many thanks in advance



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Fortran is case-insensitive

Fortran is case-insensitive whereas C is case-sensitive (and there are other differences). You will have to provide a proper interface for this and other routines from that library, along the lines of ISO_C_BINDING (the module and the keywords).

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