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Compile a fortran executable with glibc 2.12


Hi Everyone,

I am still new to Linux systems and I am currently using Intel Parallel Studio 2019 to compile a fortran executable. My machine is a Ubuntu 18.04, glibc 2.27. Before compiling I call: source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64

I am doing research with another University and the following error appears when they try to run the executable:

/lib64/ version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found

Their machine is a supercomputer CentOS6 with glibc 2.12

Is there a flag in Intel Parallel studio so that I can compile an executable compatible with glibc 2.12? Or a way to have glibc 2.12 in my system together with glibc 2.27? 

I searched online for previous versions of Ubuntu that could have glibc 2.12 installed in them but I could not find any yet, as this seems a very old version. 

Many thanks,


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Dear Tulio,

no, the glibc versions are not compatible with each other, and there is no possibility to exchange the dependence on one version of glibc for another one by a flag. I am wondering why you send your collaborators binary files, why not send them source code and they compile it on their machine. Another option would be to use a virtual machine or a docker container to mirror your operating system.



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