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Compile a fortran executable with glibc 2.12

Hi Everyone,

I am still new to Linux systems and I am currently using Intel Parallel Studio 2019 to compile a fortran executable. My machine is a Ubuntu 18.04, glibc 2.27. Before compiling I call: source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64

I am doing research with another University and the following error appears when they try to run the executable:

/lib64/ version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found

Their machine is a supercomputer CentOS6 with glibc 2.12

Is there a flag in Intel Parallel studio so that I can compile an executable compatible with glibc 2.12? Or a way to have glibc 2.12 in my system together with glibc 2.27? 

I searched online for previous versions of Ubuntu that could have glibc 2.12 installed in them but I could not find any yet, as this seems a very old version. 

Many thanks,


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Dear Tulio,

Dear Tulio,

no, the glibc versions are not compatible with each other, and there is no possibility to exchange the dependence on one version of glibc for another one by a flag. I am wondering why you send your collaborators binary files, why not send them source code and they compile it on their machine. Another option would be to use a virtual machine or a docker container to mirror your operating system.



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