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Compiler Error Code #s 7983, 8284. How to upgrade Intel-Fortan without breaking Visual-Studio Integration


I am using Microsoft-VS-2015 with Intel-Visual-Fortran-Compiler (parallel_studio_xe_2017_update8_composer_edition_for_fortran_setup)

I get errors
#7983: The storage extent of the dummy argument exceeds that of the actual argument.
#8284: If the actual argument is scalar, the dummy argument shall be scalar unless the actual argument is of type character or is an element of an array that is not assumed shape, pointer, or polymorphic.
#6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument.

Per Intel website, the newer Compiler version does not have this problem.

What is the procedure to upgrade (i have license & support till Sep-2020) without breaking the MSVS IDE integration?


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I am very doubtful that the errors you are seeing would be corrected by a newer compiler. All of these suggest errors in your code that are being detected by the Generated Interface Checking feature. Please take some time to investigate the errors - ask here if you need help, providing sources we can look at to reproduce the problem.

You can simply download and install the latest compiler (Parallel Studio XE 2020) and install it over what you have. The VS integration will be replaced, but will still work.


I am using Microsoft-VS-2015 with Intel-Visual-Fortran-Compiler

The integration with MS-Visual-Studio works. I am able to see Intel-Fortran-project as option in MSVS.

Now i am trying to install "parallel_studio_xe_2018_update4_composer_edition_for_fortran_setup.exe"
which is a newer version.

I did NOT uninstall the prior version. I did NOT uninstall Microsoft-Visual-Studio.

I get the following warning in a pop-up-window.
If you proceed to install, the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 17.0 IDE integration(s) will be uninstalled and the Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 4 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* IDE integration will be installed. You will no longer be able to select 15.0 or older Intel Visual Fortran Compilers from the Visual Studio IDE. You will still be able to select 16.0 or newer Intel Visual Fortran Compilers if they are installed.

Does this mean the Microsoft-VS-integration with Intel-Fortran will break?

Black Belt Retired Employee

No, it does not mean that. It will still work and you will be able to select any installed compilers version 16 or newer. See for how to select among them. The default is to use the latest installed version.