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Compiler does not display /iface options

Black Belt

The documentation for the current compiler (2017-update-2) still describes the legacy support options /iface and iface:cvf, but running the compiler at the command line with ifort /? no longer displays these options. The compiler still honors the options and generates properly decorated symbols. Is this dropping of the option description intended, or an oversight?

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 Option /iface is configured in the help-text source to be a Windows 32-bit host only option.   This should be modified, and the text should reflect which of the arguments are only valid on a 32-bit Windows target.

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Black Belt

Thanks for the clarification. I am running on W10-64, and I can see the /iface:cvf option if I run the 32-bit ifort driver (which, in recent versions of Visual Fortran, is no longer used even in a 32-bit Ifort command window). It is not clear to me why the 32-32 compiler is installed but only the 64-32 and 64-64 compilers are used.(I am using the notation m-n to signify m-bit compiler driver EXE used for producing n-bit target code).