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Could you please allow us access to Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 again?



I'm a graduate student, and my current research project needs a Fortran compiler for Abaqus 2020.

As Intel doesn't provide Parallel Studio XE anymore, I connected Abaqus 2020 with the oneAPI.

However, it doesn't work.

I've spent almost a week trying to solve this one problem, but it looks like the free version of oneAPI is not compatible with Abaqus2020. Some simple user subroutines can be run under oneAPI, but the complex subroutines give me an error: library could not be found.

I've followed almost all recommendations in the intel forum regarding this problem, but none of them solved my problem. Also, I think I'm not the only one who is suffering from this compatibility issue. So, I think It would be really helpful for graduate students if you could allow access to the past versions of Parallel Studio XE again.

Could you allow access to Parallel Studio XE and provide us a student license again?

There is a download link for Parallel Studio XE 2017, but I can not use it because version 2017 is not compatible with abaqus2020 and I can't find a way to request a student license.

I need Parallel Studio XE 2019 for my current research.


Thank you so much for the time.

Best regards,





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It does work and that has been demonstrated. You haven't told us what "doesn't work" means nor what you have tried.

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