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Preparing a code to go on another computer.  Missing files.  What exactly does "deploy" do versus "release" and why is "deploy" not an option that can be checked?  The box is greyed out.

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A compiled executable WILL

A compiled executable WILL NOT work on another computer.  Double clicking immediately brings a screen saying that libcoremd.dll is missing.  What can be done to make it so that this executable WILL work on another computer?

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Things are getting

Things are getting frustrating.  I am running the latest version of parallel, can someone offer some assistance?  Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like the

Sounds like the redistributable library components have not been installed on the other computer.

You can download the redistributables for Fortran from ; You also need the redistributables for the C++ library that matches your version of Visual Studio, which can be downloaded from

(These redistributables are also available on your development machine, but I am not in front of such a machine at the moment.)

How are you installing your program on the other computer? Typically you would arrange for the installer for your program to also install the redistributables. Components that can be easily bundled with an msi are provided for both the Fortran runtime and C++ libraries on a machine with the compiler and Visual Studio installed.

In some cases, a build that uses the static library form of the runtimes may avoid the need for the redistributables to be installled on target machines. But not all runtime libraries can be linked statically (OpenMP is notable in this regard), and some applications that have their own DLL's or whatever may require dynamically linked runtimes,

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