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Compiled a FORTRAN program and it would not run on a computer that did not have the INTEL FORTRAN installed.

After some research found that a REDISTRIBUTABLE package was required, possibly, for both the 32 Bit and the 64 Bit.

Are there any instructions as to utilize these packages or what settings might be needed in order to make it so that a compiled executable can be shared without hiccup?

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The compiler documentation include some information, for example

You will find lots of articles and posts on this forum (e.g. there's a link to the redistributables in the faq list in the introductory pane on the forum home page). When reading articles, be mindful that compiler defaults around runtime libraries being static or dynamic may have changed (not sure when - it is probably a few years ago, and the change might only be when compiling in Visual Studio).

As mentioned in the other post, static linking might be a solution for you, depending on specifics of your program - no OpenMP, single executable with no application DLL's, etc. Post more information about the specifics of your application, your deployment process, etc,  for more advice.

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