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Directory path more than 132 characters


The following program compiled as a Project QuickWin Application compiler Intel Visual Fortran Compiler [Intel 64]
in MS Visual Studio 2015 under Windows 10 pro X64 when the exe-file is located in the directory, the path to which exceeds 132 characters does not work?

module module_Hello
  use dflib
  type(qwinfo) :: qw
  type(xycoord) :: xy
  logical(4) :: log4
  integer(4) :: int4
  integer(2) :: int2
end module module_Hello

program Hello
  use module_Hello
  qw.type = qwin$max
  open(unit = 20, file = 'user', title = ' ')
  int4 = setwsizeqq(20, qw)
  int4 = setactiveqq(20)
  int4 = clickmenuqq(loc(winsizetofit))
  call sleepqq(huge(1_4))
end program Hello

function initialsettings()
  use module_Hello
  external sintezing
  logical(4) :: initialsettings, lret
  lret = appendmenuqq(1, $menuenabled, 'Start'c, sintezing)
  lret = appendmenuqq(2, $menuenabled, 'Exit'c, winexit)
  call setmessageqq('', qwin$msg_running)
  initialsettings = .true.
end function initialsettings

 subroutine sintezing(fl)
  use dfmt
  use module_Hello
  external sintezing1
  logical(4) :: fl
  integer(4) :: n_handle
  integer(INT_PTR_KIND()) ThreadHandle
  integer(INT_PTR_KIND()), PARAMETER :: security = 0
  integer(INT_PTR_KIND()), PARAMETER :: stack_size = 0
  integer(INT_PTR_KIND()) :: thread_id
  integer(INT_PTR_KIND()) :: handle1
  n_handle = 1
  handle1 = CreateThread(security, stack_size, sintezing1, loc(n_handle), 0, thread_id)
  call unusedqq(fl)
end subroutine sintezing

subroutine sintezing1(n_handle1)
  use module_Hello
  integer(4) :: n_handle1
  !dec$attributes value :: n_handle1
  int4 = n_handle1
  open(unit = 21, file = 'user', title = 'Window 21')
  int4 = setactiveqq(21)
  int4 = setbkcolorrgb(#000000) !цвет фона - черный
  call clearscreen($gclearscreen)
  int4 = setcolorrgb(#FFFFFF) !цвет  - белый
  int2 = initializefonts()
  int2 = setfont("t'times new roman cyr'h16b")
  int2 = 0_2
  call moveto(0_2, int2, xy)
  call outgtext('Hello!')
end subroutine sintezing1

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