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Doctor Fortran has a new home!

Black Belt Retired Employee

Given that I have been retired from Intel for more than three years, it made sense for me to put the Doctor Fortran blog on my own site rather than on Intel's. So, without further ado, the new location for Doctor Fortran is:

There you can read my latest post along with previous post-retirement posts. I hope to be able to copy pre-retirement posts there as well, but there are links to all. You can also subscribe to be notified by email when a new post appears. (I hope to add one last post on IDZ but am blocked from doing that right now - I expect that will get resolved soon.)

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What do you think of obsoleting or deleting implicit typing?


Excellent idea.  

In Texas there is a saying, no good idea goes unpunished and down here it is correct.  If you have an idea keep it to yourself.