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Documentation question: ATTRIBUTES DEFAULT placement

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In the compiler manual for ATTRIBUTES DEFAULT, it doesn't indicate where in the program (or subprogram) this clause is required to be located (or if it even has such a requirement).  Scanning through the Intel-supplied f90 files in compiler/latest/linux/compiler/include, it appears as though they are inside the interface block, and specifically inside the subprogram definition block they are modifying.  But is this a requirement for proper operation?  A quick test seems to suggest it is not, but it would be nice if the placement of this directive were called out explicitly in the reference manual.  Thanks!

P.S. -- Thanks for the library; the Intel-optimized routines run laps around my generic implementations of them.

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To quote Dr Fortran "The purpose of DEFAULT is to prevent switches such as /iface from having an effect. With DEFAULT in the list, none of the characteristics can be changed by compiler switches."

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