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Does seterrormodeqq do anything any more?

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I was just trying out the example program 1 for SETERRORMODEQQ in the compiler documentation and it appears that no system prompt appears regardless of the setting of pmode.

This is with a console application (debug/x86) built with XE2015U1 run on Windows 10 Enterprise 1511 x64.

If it doesn't have an effect in modern versions of Windows, I would like to remove it to improve portability.

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The sample in the User's guide will not produce the required failure to trigger the OS message about Abort, Retry, Ignore unless device B: in your system is one that's capable of generating that system prompt. Unless the system prompt is triggered the example programs can't demonstrate the functionality of SETERRORMODEQQ.

I was unable to synthesize the required prompt on my Windows 8 system with other devices I have/tried. I inquired w/Developers about an example that can demonstrate the routines functionality.

I believe this message still has relevance under newer OSes. I believe it may appear in a scenario where a hard-drive is unreadable, or perhaps a CD-ROM where the media is damaged and not readable.