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Experiencing some peculiar activity using excel to call a FORTRAN DLL.  By the way, have used successfully for years in earlier excel versions and FORTRAN DLLs compiled with CVF.

Finally having gotten the excel to work with the Intel FORTRAN, we are seeing a scenario where a called .DAT file works fine when call through a spreadsheet.

However, in the scenario where the same .DAT file is called after a previous case has run its course, it does not work.

It is clear that the correct input file is being called as a .tmp file shows that this has been updated.

Realize that one could be saying, well, there could be one milion reasons why this could happen but this has been thought of and delt with accordingly.

And, interestingly, some other cases do work AS THE SECOND case that also have worked as the first case.

'Appears to be peculiar.

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I cannot understand your terminology. What do you mean by "calling" or "running" a DAT file? To me, and possibly most people, a data file (if that is what your DAT file is) contains data. A program can read from or write to the file, and do other I/O and inquire operations on the file. So, please explain what you are trying to do.

If you are calling a DLL from Excel that reads the file to its end, then it is understandable that the first reading of the file positions the file pointer at the end. If a second reading is now attempted, that will fail. You have to rewind the file before reading it again.

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