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[Edited] I have a question regarding PSXE installation process

I tried to download and install your newest INTEL PARALLEL 2019 XE cluster edition.

It told me that i "had VS2015 running." What do they mean?

That I have it installed ? What I have on my system does not do any Fortran source code at all.

So, do they want me to ininstall it ?

If that's want it wants, why doesn't it SAY SO ?


are they trying to tell me that it is not compatible with your newest 2019 PARALLEL studio ?

I just want something that will do Fortran source code.

(without all these headaches)

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>>It told me that i "had

>>It told me that i "had VS2015 running." What do they mean?

This means that you have an instance of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 running (open) while trying to perform the Intel Parallel Studio installation. The installation modifies Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and thus requires that it not be running during installation of  Intel Parallel Studio.

Jim Dempsey

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Here is the link for

Here is the link for installation guide

Get started guide:

If needed, this article explains how to customize Visual Studio for use with Intel compilers: 

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