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Embedding HDF5 DLL with EXE application


I created an EXE which work fine onmy computer. But when I tried to send it to another person, he get an error : 'Can't find hdf5_fortran.dll'. I assume it's because he doesn't have hdf5 installed on his computer.

I gave him all the hdf5 lib but now he get 'can't find libifcoremt.dll'. It's an intel lib no ?

So, how can I make an exe which contain automaticaly all the dll needed ?

I thought I just need to add "/libs:static /threads /c" command lines, but no.

What did I miss ?

Thanks for your help !

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If you added /libs:static

If you added /libs:static /threads to the ifort command line options, then the resulting EXE should not be dependent on the Intel Fortran (or MSVC) run-time DLLs. The HDF library is not ours so these options would not affect that. However, if the HDF DLL was built against the Intel Fortran DLLs, it would need those.

See for where to get the Intel Fortran run-time DLLs as a redistributable installer. The target system might also need Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables installed as well.

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