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Endless Blathering

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Why dont you allow a remote login/assist , that would make it real simple to show someone what is going on, instead of this endless blather going back and forth ?

I was interested in this rather interesting comment in another topic. 

1. Most of the people who inhabit this forum have another job and this is just for fun, to learn and as a service to the broader Fortran community. 

2. The terseness of your comments and the comments on other people is in the long run counter productive. The fact that you ask simple questions that anyone with a basic knowledge of Fortran or VS should be able answer is pretty obvious and one that is also a strain on the time of these good people who do answer serious questions.  The fact that they continue to answer the questions in the face of some very negative comments shows their ability to turn the other cheek.

3. There are several excellent textbooks on many of the subjects you raise, can I suggest politely you read a few books, I would suggest Knuth, Abelson and Sussman and Winston and Horne. 

4. There are very many IDE they are configured by humans, we are all human, choose another - or better yet get another Fortran compiler say Laheys.

just a few polite thoughts 




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Well, whats really counter productive is:

They want you to send the project, source files, whatever, and they run it IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT,

and then they say "There is nothing wrong with this." And then also sarcastic stuff from some of the forum people.


so they cannot reproduce the same problem, and we have to go back and forth, when a simple remote login would get 

straight to the issue.


I've been doing FORTRAN for 40 years - but that is not the problem. The problem is getting this IDE to properly interact

with what I am trying to accomplish, and we are stuck with what MICROSOFT gave us. I have the text books your mentioned, 

but the Fortran code is NOT the issue.

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Aren't some of these people INTEL employees ? They want to sell their product, right ?


Well, I have renewed my license for 10 years now,

but maybe it is time for a change, like you suggested.


Some of us are from Intel. For those from Intel you'll see "(Intel)" in the forum name. Unfortunately mine and some other colleagues forum account names are not displaying correctly at the moment. Our IDZ team is working on that now.

I indicated in this earlier thread (here) that I had established a means to offer remote connectivity and that you could contact me to arrange that but I had not heard from you. I will to try to help as best I can with the issues you are facing. My email contact info is in the private reply in the earlier thread I noted.



With all due respect,

@billsincl - I know it is frustrating when the Development tools do not work. We all recognize you are experiencing a number of issues and we are trying to reach out to help. I will be in touch to offer some remote access/help to see if we can work through the issues you are facing. Please remain respectful and focus exchanges on what will help resolve issues or answer questions.

On behalf of Intel, we thank everyone for their active participation, willingness to share knowledge, and deep desire to help others. Our Fortran forums are among the most active, friendly, and respectful of our forums and we certainly want them to continue with those traditions. There is a great community of Fortran users in the forums with a deep knowledge, passion, and desire to share and help, and I know none of us wants to distract from that. Let us all please do what we can to remain respectful in our exchanges.

Thank you.


(Sorry, for replicating – just trying reach everyone in the various threads)