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Error in the MKL developer reference (fortran)


Maybe I'm not in the right place to give a feedback in termes of errors in MKL developer reference, but I hope you could fix the errors and others would not waste time by being confused like me..

Well, it's about the "sparse blas" section. First of all, in appendix A - sparse matrix storage format, like that of CSR, I think there are errors in the example about pointerB and pointerE for both indexing, given that pB/E(j) - indexing = index (of element in "values"). Maybe there are similar errors in other examples of this appendix. You could check it out...

Then, I found another error in reference when I tried to use spblas routines. It's in BLAS-Inspector..-matrix manipulation routines-..creat_csr. In explaination of parameter "col_indx", I think we should not write "plus one" in "for one.." as columns index should be as it is like stored in CSR format.

Thanks for your attention and please fix these errors.


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Re: Error in the MKL developer reference (fortran)

I suggest you submit this as a support request through . Be sure to specify Intel Math Kernel Library as the product and not Fortran. The Intel documentation people don't read these forums, and the support ticket is the best way to get the change you want.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") -
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