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Famous message "forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception"


Well, I know that this subject has several topics in this forum. I tried to include my question in some of them, but all I found was locked, which is weird.

Anyway, the problem is ... I'm trying to do a simple test with a QuickWin program by using the classical "Hello World" example. The thing is ... when running a release with x64 compiler I got the famous message violation

"forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation"

However, when running this same code by using the Debug mode with x64 compiler... none problem is found (the same with Win32 compiler).

Any thoughts?

PS: I'm using VS 2010 with Intel Composer XE 2015.


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Your program probably has an error. To investigate it further, we need you to provide a short but complete example Fortran source along with instructions to build and run the program, and also any data files if needed to run the program.

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Access violations in Release mode are often a result of using an uninitialized variable that holds, or is used to compute, an array index.

One cannot assume variables are (auto) initialized to 0. Debug build may perform this initialization to 0 or so some clearly identify value (0xCCCCCCCC, 0xBAADBEEF, etc...)

Jim Dempsey

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