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Father Fortran and Xmas

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Dear Steve:

Whilst I slept, Father Fortran, who works for Microsoft, delivered the latest version of Windows 10 preview.  It included a note about potential drivers you may need - so I went and had a look and died laughing

I knew Intel could be a big behemoth - but the driver shown on the attached photo possibly is a little old

But I installed it and nothing happened

Thanks for the laugh - also there is something wrong with your picture in the other photo from this site - although I liked the size


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It is Intel's birthdate

According to intel ...

“Intel(R) Chipset Device Software uses an unusual date for the devices it is targeting. The date 07/18/1968 is symbolic – Intel was founded that day. The reason this date is used is to lower the rank of Intel(R) Chipset Device Software.This is necessary because it’s a supporting utility that should not overwrite any other drivers. Updating Intel(R) Chipset Device Software is not needed."