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Floating License Checkout


I work in a small team that part-time maintains a legacy Fortran/C++ project.  We currently use Named-User Parallel Studio XE and develop in Visual Studio.  We're considering moving to Roaming licenses, but I can't find a clear answer on when Visual Studio would check out the compiler license.  It would make sense for it to be just during compile time, but I wouldn't be surprised if VS checked it out when the first IDE instance launched for a given user.  Other users have posed similar questions but I haven't seen a definitive answer.  Anyone have any first-hand experience with this?

Bonus points - if the license is checked out at compile-time, does anyone know if the license checkout requests are queue-able such that when a user completes his/her compiling, the next user's job begins automatically?


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Hi Adrian, my experience is, that the license is checked out only at compile time i.e. only when ifort/fortcom is called. Editing in VS IDE blocks no Intel PSXE licenses.

Further, if the license is blocked the compiler waits a certain time before it complains, that there is no license. That's also the case if the license server/manager is down or does not anwer immediatly. I guess, that the time-out time can be configured. I don't know whether this works like a queuing system.

Hopefully the Intel team will give you are more verbose answer. Maybe, you have to open a support ticket for this.

BR, Johannes

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