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Fortran Compiler for ABAQUS, license problem


Hello, everyone.

I am using "w_fcompxe_novsshell_2013.2.149" as the Fortran compiler for submitting ABAQUS jobs, it works fine for the beginning two years. But recently, it shows the license is expired and I need to renew it. I couldn't find this software under my intel account, then I try to register, but it shows my email account is already registered, but I couldn't log in, and can't use the "forgot password". I am using a school, email for login, and also for registering the intel account.

Does anyone encounter this problem?

May I have some advice?

Thank you



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If the license expired, then it was a free, noncommercial license and renewals are no longer offered. The solution is to install the current oneAPI 2021 version, which is free and doesn't require a license. You may need to tweak the ABAQUS script to correctly locate the ifort compiler.  You need Optimized Tools for HPC Apps Using Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit and the Fortran for Windows Runtime from Intel® oneAPI standalone component installation files

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If you have had the same school email account (for eight years!), you should be able to get the Intel Registration Center to reset your password.

Apart from that, you probably do not have a paid support contract, so you will not be able to obtain a license for the old software, nor are downloads available for software that old.

The good news is that the current version of the Intel compiler is cost-free, although paid support is available if you desire it. You can download and install the OneAPI compiler, and try to get Abaqus working with it. A number of posts in this forum have asked a similar question, and the latest compiler has generally been found to work with a number of versions of Abaqus and other such third party software.


Please refer to Purchase, Renew, and Upgrade FAQ