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Fortran Program

Please provide any missing reference information for the software application FORTRAN and R (instead of the documentation),

which must include the version number, the applications publisher and location.


ASCE do not like my standard Intel Reference for Fortran

Intel Corporation (2016). Intel® Fortran Compiler 16.0 User and Reference Guide Intel Corporation,, Santa Clara, California.

So I will need to add publisher name -- Intel Corporation - is that ok?

What is the actual number for Compiler 16.0 = 16.0 or is there a build number like 2017.0.054? 



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John, was this supposed to be

John, was this supposed to be a reply to another thread?

Keeping in mind that I no longer work for Intel, it seems reasonable to me to add Intel Corporation as the publisher. I would just use "16.0" as the compiler version in your citation.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") -
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