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Fortran and Thermodynamics

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I just returned from a trip to the garage.  I encountered a problem that is ripe for a Fortran solution. 

A two-body unit, the outside unit is freezing and the inside unit with an insulated wall and temperature control is not freezing but is close to zero.  

One has to take a frozen item from the outside unit, a can of coke, and place it in the inside unit to unfreeze the contents.  It is a lousy idea to open a frozen can.  How long before you can open the can?  

Dad and his drinking mates used to take a cooler to the snowfields, when skiing, to hold the beer.  The beer bottles did not freeze in the cooler during the week.

 Dad and his mates solved many thermodynamic problems by trial and error as say Stevenson did.

Now we have grad students to make models. 

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