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Fortran envirenement not found


Hi there,

I have an issue while trying to install Parallel studio XE 2019 to compile Fortran on Virtual Studio.I've already installed VS 2019 but when I want to install Parallel studio the following error occurred : 

Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler will not work because none of the supported environments is found on your computer
Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler requires that Microsoft Visual Studio* / Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition* 2013, 2015, 2017, or 2019, or Microsoft Windows SDK* for Windows* 8.1, 10.0 should be already installed and none was found on your computer. 

You can install a Fortran Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Shell*. However, it requires that the Microsoft Windows SDK* for Windows* 10.0 should already be installed and it is not found on your system. 

Visit Install Windows SDK for VS2015 Shell ( for detailed instructions. After the SDK is installed, restart the Intel® Parallel Studio XE installation. 

If you select 'Next', Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler will be installed but will not work. 


I'm stuck because the link given to Windows SDK for VS2015 Shell no longer existe...

Please, Can someone help me with that ?


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