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Fourier Series

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I have been working on this general solution for the second order ODE suggested by Fryba in 1968. 

he had coded it on a URAL 2 computer, - it is a good read on Wikipedia

I am close to sorting out his equations and getting the old algorithm to run.  Unfortunately the original author has a few minor issues with the 1968 English version of the paper, some of the symbols are not defined, but that is only a small challenge.

I was looking at the results this morning and the ODE solution is expressed as a finite Fourier (sine) integral transformation 

I plotted the results of the first four elements of the Fourier series and have included them in a ppt file. -- I thought it was interesting to look at a real Fourier series broken down 

The secondary wave is caused by Fryba having a flat spot on the wheels and this affects the load function -- I need to sort out his equation as it has dimensional issues. 

But anyway what a way to spend thanksgiving 


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