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How do I buy a student license ?

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I want to buy one for Intel Parallel XE 2020, but

so far no one has told me what the procedure is.


I dont thnk anyone there knows where.


Do I have to get that from a third party ?

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I don't speak for Intel, and this is what Googling "intel fortran compiler student" told me.

If you qualify as a student (as of now, I think, by having an email address with ".edu" at the end), register and request at the Intel Compiler Request Site . They will, if your request is approved, provide you with a download link, a serial number and, if you wish, send a license file to your E-mail. Since there is no license fee levied, third party vendors have no incentive to carry this product.

If you do not give them your correct email address, or mistype a letter or two in it, as you did  last year, you will have an interesting experience, as you found out.

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You cannot buy a student license for the Intel compilers. As mecej4 says, you can get one free if Intel thinks you qualify. You can buy an Academic license, however, and those are sold most everywhere Commercial licenses are. It is up to the reseller to verify your eligibility.

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They are free for students, please visit this site for details >>>


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