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How to improve user functionality

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I made this suggestion earlier, but no one responded.

I don't know if anyone took a hard look at this idea.


as you know, there is currently a problem with the debugger running while one is still

trying to rebuild their program to make changes.

The message I get is "cannot access manifest file."

That is because the debugger is still attached to their executable,

and it keeps on running long after they are done with debugging.

My idea is: simply put a random letter or number at the END of the executable name.


That way you can make a NEW executable while the debugger is finished (doing whatever its trying to do)..

So then there is no longer any conflict. The actual NAME of the executable does not seem to be that important.


If something is wrong with that suggestion, I would sure love to hear about it.

The obvious fix, is to make sure the debugger does not run when you are done with it, but

so far, no one seems to want to address that issue.

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This is a Visual Studio issue, and as far as I know, it is fixed in VS2017. I used to see it all the time with VS2015 and earlier, but have not seen it once since updating to VS2017. It affected all languages.

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