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How to uninstall "broken" installation of IPS XE 2017 Update 2?


Hello. I have just uninstalled Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and I would like to uninstall also IPS XE 2017 Update 2. However, after attempting to do so in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features, I got an error message that it might have already been uninstalled. I am afraid that uninstalling MS VS 2015 changed something in IPS XE 2017 installation.

How do I uninstall IPS XE 2017 in a different way than from Control Panel?

Is there any tool that would uninstall all IPS XE versions from my computer and do any cleanup if required?

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None that I would recommend other than rerunning the 2017U2 install and if it gives the option to uninstall, choosing that. I don't usually find that VS changes affect the installation status of PSXE, though they can sometimes require a reinstall of PSXE to replace deleted files. Occasionally I do a reinstall and then uninstall to clean things up.

What I see sometimes is that a product did uninstall but somehow the entries in the Windows database for it didn't get removed. Windows should have offered to delete the Apps entry for it. You can look to see if the files are gone (sometimes one or two stick around.)


Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations. I used the installer to remove the required version of IPS XE from the system and it worked well.

Since I noticed that installations are MUCH faster after getting a SSD drive, it is no problem to uninstall and reinstall both Visual Studio and IPS XE. I am now using 2017 U2 in VS 2015 and 2020 Initial Release in VS 2019, installation did not take much time and everything works flawlessly.