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ICE C0000005 When compiling Fortran Module with Integer Parameter Statements

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When using the 2017 Update 2, I get an ICE C000005  when compiling modules in my code which contain integer parameter statements at the module level and then are used within contained subroutines. In cases where it is possible, I can remove the parameter statement and the code is able to compile the module, however there are instances within my code where the integer parameters are used in case statements so those variables cannot be changed.

I will note that 2016 Update 4 is the last time the intel fortran compiler was able to compile my code. Each iteration of 2017 has introduced a new issue that has completely stopped my development. It is extremely frustrating to have to pay for a license to a code which has not functioned in nearly 6 months. Each time I update I have to completely uninstall 2017 and reinstall 2016 because for some reason the 2017 forces a significant change to the MSVS integration.

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So I have to give a minor apology for some of my comments above. Per FortranFan's suggestion, I tried to create a small project which demonstrated that my code is still broken. Andrew_4619 is correct that the Parameter bug is fixed in Intel FORTRAN Composer 2018. However, the compiler gives another ICE with C0000005 as the error code on the next line. A topic thread with two sample codes that another forum user created is at: