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ICE ipo on link and missing interface

Black Belt

I have a Fortran dynamic library that builds on Linux and Windows. My target platform is Linux so I have building and testing on Linux without problem. A colleague of mine, working on the same project, builds and test on Windows. After some recent updates on Linux (and on his Windows) we decided to merge the edits. After the merge the builds on Linux work fine, however, the build on Windows got screwy and ICE'd the build. I narrowed the issue to a CALL of a subroutine without an interface declaration.

This post is a "heads up" to check interfaces in case of other experience ICE. This is not a request for help.

V17u4 and V17u5 (I am reluctant to install V18 until after the first update). MS VS 2013, Windows 7 x64 Pro, 64-bit build.

Jim Dempsey


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