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I use the Intel FORTRAN Composer or the Intel Prallel Studio XE Composer for FORTRAN Windows since 2011. I bought every year a new version including IMSL. However, sinnce a few years their are no new version. So, I want to know if newer versions of IMSL are supported in future or not. On the homepage of Roguewave you can see that for example for the IMSL for C/C++ their exists version 8.5. I still use IMSL 7.



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The only valid comparison of

The only valid comparison of version numbers is between the IMSL Fortran libraries from Intel and Roguewave. The former is 7.0.1, whereas the latter is 7.1. Thus, there is not much difference between the two. Given that IMSL is a mature library (going back to the late 1960s), it is reasonable that only minor changes and additions may be seen from time to time.

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mecej4 is correct - there is

mecej4 is correct - there is not yet a version 8 of IMSL for Fortran. As we get new versions from Rogue Wave, we'll update the product.

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