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IVF 9.0: new user

I just a new user of IVF 9.0
My context is:
- system: Pentium D 920
- Visual Studio 2005
- IVF 9.0 (recent purchase)
I have 3 questions:
1- I look premier support download in view reference to 9.0.030
With ifort command I get:
C:Program FilesIntelCompilerFortran9.0Docssamples>ifort int_sin.f90
Intel Fortran Compiler for Intel EM64T-based applications, Version 9.0
Build 20050430
Copyright (C) 1985-2005 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
ifort: error: could not find 'cl'
ifort: error: could not find 'link'
where is specified "Version 9.0 Build 20050430"
But this format is not Why?
2- By default IVF installer not found VS2003 C++ also not install compiler for IA32
Possibile runSetup.exe from CD ROM and use C++ of VS2005?
3- and, do you know if compatibility with VS2005 is always scheduled for may 2006? (note: I am not certain of this information.)
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Your questions aren't entirely clear.
If you have such an old version of ifort, and wish something more up to date, such as 9.0.030, you download and install the version from premier support. The 9.1 version which is compatible with VS2005 should appear there within the month.
If you have a VS2003 installer, the 32-bit C++ compiler is an option for that install procedure. It will support only the 32-bit ifort installation. Presumably, VS2005 would provide both 32- and 64-bit C++ compilers and associated libraries. Up to now, the 64-bit Windows compilers depend on Microsoft Platform SDK, working in command line mode.
ifort EM64T (64-bit) depends on a 64-bit version of Windows in order to run a .exe, as well as on the 64-bit C++ installation to support creating a .exe. Pentium D is typically sold with a 32-bit Windows pre-installed. It should hardly be a surprise that 64-bit Windows accounted for only 4% of new Windows installations, according to the last report I saw.
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