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IVF9.024 Install instructions

OK I'm late on this, but had so many problems trying to DL recent updates that I had given up until today, when I decided to have another shot at it.

DL (from the temp / new site) went fine (so far).

But try as I might, I cannot get the install instructions to display.

No problem getting "w_fc_c_9[1].0.024_RN.htm" but that has no install intructions, just a link; ie.

"Please see the separate Installation Guide for installation and configuration instructions."

But everyway I try it, the link to the "Installation Guide" refers to a location on my HD & they aint there. Tried in both FF & IE. (presume that it is a relative link?)

Can someone please supply a direct link to the "Installation Guide".

In particular, need to know if I have to uninstall my existing IVF9 before installing this new one.

Why oh why, is it so difficult to locate the release documentation??????

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Run the w_fc_c_9.0.024.exe and you'll see a link for the install guide appear there. You can read it then. The install guide does not change much if at all between updates. You do not need to uninstall old 9.0 versions when installing updates.

I noticed the other day that the install guide is not on the web site - I'll get that on there as soon as I can.
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