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Install IVF 2017


We have recently purchased Intel Visual Studio 2017 and are having some issues with the install.  According to the install guide the only pre-requisite we should need is SDK 8.1 for Windows 7, SP1.  It is supposed to install Microsoft visual shell 2013.  Our IT support said they needed to install visual studio express before it would install.  Is there something we are missing?

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VS Express is not supported for full functionality and I don't recommend it. Yes, a Commercial or Academic license will install VS2013 Shell if no supported VS is present. You're right that the Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 is needed to install the shell but the install should tell you that if it's not there.  

Did the install complain about a missing VS?


It turns out VS community was installed and not VS express.  From what the tech told me they ended up doing the install twice since the shell was not installed the first time they used the VS community 2015 for the second install.  Should we uninstall everything (including VS community ) and start all over?


If the intent is to use VS 2013 Shell then I would start over. Uninstall PSXE 2017 and VS 2015 and make certain the Windows SDK is installed and try again.

Also make certain to use the serial number for your recently purchased subscription during the installation. Do not use an Evaluation license or choose that option. The VS2013 Shell will not install for an evaluation.

As Steve noted, in the absence of any Visual Studio, the installation will complain (look for the yellow caution triangles) about VS missing and indicate that VS 2013 Shell will be installed.