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Install files needed


Trying to clean out C: drive!

When installing XE2013.3, the Math Kernal Library is included in the install.

In 'Add/Remove Programs' I have four compiler related files as per the attached image. ie.

    Intel Composer XE 2013 Update 3 for Windows*
    Intel(R) Math Kernal Library 10.1
    Microsoft Tools and Libraries for Intel(R) Visual Fortran
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Files for Intel Visual Fortran

Are all these necessary.  In particular, the MKL is an older version (& large!).  Since it is apparently included in the XE2013.3 install. is the separate 'program' still required? 

The notified updates (email) did include an update of MKL to ''.  I downloaded the file but have assumed it does not need to be (separately) installed since MKL was included in the XE2013 install.  Correct?

Also, are both the 'Microsoft Tools and Libraries for Intel(R) Visual Fortran' and the 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Files for Intel Visual Fortran' required?

The former is older - possibly dating from version IVF 10?

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The "Microsoft Tools and Libraries" is from the 2011 product, as is MKL 10.1. You can remove those both but I worry that removing the tools and libraries will mess up your 2013 install. Unless you're willing to uninstall everything, including VS2010 Shell, then reinstall, I would leave that alone. MKL 10.1 should be safe to remove.


Thanks Steve.  Will leave "Microsoft Tools and Libraries" alone (not that large anyway).