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Install order for mutiple Visual Studio and Intel Compiler


I maintain extensions for python that must accommodate python 2.7+ in Windows and that utilize Intel Fortran (f2py). This means I need at least command line support of VS 2008, 2012 and 2017. I regularly use the command prompts from the Intel start menu as the environment for running f2py.

My machine recently got wiped clean and I need to reinstall everything. I remember order was critical and doing it wrong could even mess up the machine. I know I need to install the Visual Studio in chronological order. What I don't know is the minimum intel compilers that I need to install to cover 2008 - 2017. I'm hoping the most recent one plus some 2013 vintage will cover it nicely. 

Also, can someone tell me whether I should "shuffle" the Visual Studio and Intel installs like this:

VS 2008, VS2012, Intel "2013" (or whatever answers my first question), VS2017, Intel 2018


VS 2008, Intel "2013", VS2012, , VS2017, Intel 2018

or should I do all the Microsoft and then all the Intel:

VS 2008, VS2012, VS2017 then Intel "2013", Intel 2018

Which, if any, of these will work? Which will preserve integrated Fortran support in the GUI? I have read about the trick of backing up and replacing the Fortran integration folder.



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415 Views tells you how to manage different versions of the Intel compiler in different VS versions. tells you which Intel versions support which VS versions.

The order: VS 2008, VS2012, VS2017 then Intel "2013", Intel 2018 would be what you want. Intel 2018 won't be available in VS2008 or 2012.



Thanks. I was aware of the first article, but they didn't cover what to do if you have to span two eras of Visual Studio.