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Installation problems with Visual Studio 2017 15.4.1 and Intel PSXE 18.0

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Okay, it seems like the problem was that Parallel Studio XE 2013 was installed.  I uninstalled Visual Studio 2010 and PSXE 2013 and everything is working fine now.  Is this expected behavior?

Black Belt Retired Employee

No, it isn't expected. But the process for installing the integration is complex and sometimes it doesn't quite go right. I'm a bit puzzled that a PSXE 2013 install would interfere with integration of PSXE2018 into VS2017, since PSXE2013 knows nothing about VS2017, but... 

In the past I would recommend uninstalling PSXE, deleting the "Intel Fortran" folder from under the Visual Studio folder, then reinstalling. That almost always worked. But VS2017 uses a different integration method and there is no "Intel Fortran" folder.