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Installation problems with Visual Studio 2017 15.4.1 and Intel PSXE 18.0

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Okay, it seems like the problem was that Parallel Studio XE 2013 was installed.  I uninstalled Visual Studio 2010 and PSXE 2013 and everything is working fine now.  Is this expected behavior?

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No, it isn't expected. But the process for installing the integration is complex and sometimes it doesn't quite go right. I'm a bit puzzled that a PSXE 2013 install would interfere with integration of PSXE2018 into VS2017, since PSXE2013 knows nothing about VS2017, but... 

In the past I would recommend uninstalling PSXE, deleting the "Intel Fortran" folder from under the Visual Studio folder, then reinstalling. That almost always worked. But VS2017 uses a different integration method and there is no "Intel Fortran" folder.

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