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Installer for 2013 Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows


Hi, I recently had to reformat my PC due to corrupted HD. I am trying to install back the Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows which I bought back in 2014. The installer for the compiler has been taken down just recently 9/7/2018. The authorised dealer in Malaysia could not resolve my problem as well, and they suggested that I re-purchase a new license - which doesn't make any sense to me since the original license is a Perpetual license and was working just fine to compile simple fortran codes. Since I am working in a public university where funding is tight  such loss of property (being unable to retrieve the original compiler) cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, I would like to ask for kind assistance and guidance on how I can retrieve the installer without having to pay any extra charges. The compiler Product SKU is FCX999WSAE01. Thank you very much.

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