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Installing Fortran on new PC


Old PC is Win 7 and I have a valid license of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 4 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows installed on it.

I run it on Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Shell (integrated) Version 12.0.40629.00 Update 5

I'm getting a new PC to replace old desktop and wondering what order and what files I need to install on the new Win 10 Intel Laptop.

I tried to install the Fortran EXE but it says something like I have the wrong Visual Studio or something. I tried to D/L the Visual Studio but I'm not sure which one.

I just dabble in Fortran that I learned in 1967 and write or revise programs only occasionally (once every 6 months) but I need to get Fortran going on the new PC. .... Thanks

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If you have an Academic or Commercial license, it should install the necessary Visual Studio Shell. It would help if you could show us the exact message you received. If you need it, I suggest Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition which you can find at

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