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Installing XE2017 integration in VS 2015 uninstalls XE2013 integration in VS 2010

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I can fix it by modifying the XE2013 install options to put back the integrations in VS 2010.

This habbit of uninstalling unrelated software has always been an issue with your installer. It usually means one has to re-install all the older versions, newest first after each upgrade.

Any plans for a better installer?

Any plans to include the compiler version choice as a project option? It would be a great help to my company because we maintain old software versions for many years. It should raise an error if the version is not present. If the choice is not set it should use the global default.


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This article, linked in the FAQ, explains how to deal with this issue. 

A feature request to allow compiler version selection as a project property was already submitted.


PSXE 2017 does not integrate with VS 2010 so it is confusing to hear this is happening. I inquired with our developers about this.

The earlier feature request to allow compiler version selection as a project property is noted below.

(Internal tracking id: DPD200247250)